Ask Terry Questions Social Security not enough for senior to live on

Social Security not enough for senior to live on

By Terry Savage on October 21, 2013 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I am receiving $891.00 per month for my social security disability and 53.00 for food coupons. As you can see I am not receiving anything else. Deducting my monthly bills I always end borrowing money to make ends meet!. My bills are:
1- $ 664.00 For the apt. Which I own
2- $ 144.00 maintenance fees
3- Light about $135.00
4- Water $25.00
5- Cellular phone $115.00 (one of my children pay this)
6- Student $64.00
7- JC Penny $115. (this I ask them to put me in a monthly plan) So I end up paying like $28.00
8- Sam’s Credit card I close and I am paying $18.00 p/m
9- Monthly food would be like 250.00 p/m more or less.
10- Car and gas and other
11- Dr. monthly bills and other
So as you can see I really do not know what to do. I am thinking going back to work at least 4 hours; Any other suggestions? I am also considering renting my apt for $900.00 at least for a year so I can paid up my bills and later on selling it. My permanent address is in Puerto Rico


SAVAGE SAYS: Your sad situation is unfortunately all too common among seniors.  Yes, if you can work it would be a good idea — but make sure it wouldn’t impact your Social Security disability payments.  I also suggest that you contact the National Foundation for Consumer Credit, the one non-profit group you can trust.  I am sure they have an affiliated agency in Puerto Rico, which you will be connected to by calling 800-388-2227.  You can trust them, and you can also get counseling over the phone.  There might be some other programs for which you are eligible.  They are professionals and can give you the best alternatives.

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