Ask Terry Questions Social Security number possibly compromised

Social Security number possibly compromised

By Terry Savage on May 10, 2024 | Wild Card

Is Life Lock a good source to secure a possible compromised social security number?
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Terry Says

EVERYONE’s SS number is compromised!  That’s just a sad fact of life.  Read this article:

Identity Theft – What To Do! – Terry Savage

You’ll want to freeze your credit using the info in this article.  That keeps anyone from opening new credit in your name.  Change the passwords on your bank accounts, and ask them for two-factor ID– which means they’ll send you a text every time you want to make a payment to confirm it’s you.

Stay on top of your credit cards online to make sure no one is using them.

These protection companies are mainly worthwhile in helping you AFTER a credit breach.   Your goal now is to PREVENT  a breach!




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