Ask Terry Questions Social Security Overpayment!

Social Security Overpayment!

By Terry Savage on March 15, 2024 | Wild Card

Hello Mrs. Savage. I saw the episode on 60 minutes and had been wanting to talk to you about my problem. First I need to say, that I have a hearing with the ALJ on April 9th 2024. Will they let me record my own hearing? I have never seen so many unqualified and incompetent people in my life! I’m turning 70 in 3 months.

Thank you

Terry Says

Well, you’ve gotten farther than most people in getting a hearing. But don’t hold out much hope. Remember these ALJs are paid by SS. And we have heard that they have been told by SS to DENY these requests for forbearance.

Are you being represented by an attorney? Few will take the case, because the people appealing are usually too poor to pay them! If you can find a lawyer to represent you, let him/her know that Larry and I will be writing about this hearing. (We’ve been looking for a good one to report on and add to our columns.)

But, if you’re alone, there are some words you can use — that might help your case.
It’s in Social Security’s mandate to waive claims out of “equity and good conscience” that would impoverish people — especially when they “relied on” the information and payment promise made to them by SS. If you go online and buy our book “Social Security Horror Stories” (on Amazon) you’ll be able to cite that legal precedent. It’s in the first chapter.

Do you have any other defense? Do you even know WHY they made the mistake of overpaying you? You can demand “due process” for this hearing — and a complete report on why THEY made the mistake, and why YOU are being held responsible.

Larry has attended a few of these hearings, and if I’m able, I might want to do that if it is online. Just as your counselor, as I am not an attorney, nor is Larry.

And yes, you have every right to tape the proceedings. Let them know in advance that you are planning to do that. If you get pushback, please let me know so Larry and I can get more involved.

It’s a terrible system.



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