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social security overpayment

By Terry Savage on April 02, 2024 | Wild Card

My husband was very sick 11 yrs ago with leukemia. We received disability from social security and then they wanted the money back. After a hearing the amount of overage was to be paid back with a monthly payment. I had heard that there is possibly a forgiveness settlement after 10 years. Is this possible? We still owe about $16000.

Terry Says

Oh no. There is news on this front. First of all, clawbacks are being limited.
Second of all, there is new attention to waiver requests. Did you file a waiver request because of hardship? If not, you should do that right now.

Have you been paying monthly via a deduction from your Social Security benefit?
Please read my latest column — and then write back to the email you receive from me, explaining your situation.



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