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Social Security sent someone’s important info to ME!!

By Terry Savage on December 12, 2016 | Wild Card

Name on the documentation SS sent to me is for a guy named Kevin and I'm a girl named Carrie. It states MY List of Exhibits is attached for my upcoming hearing where I'm disputing an overpayment and requesting underpaid benefits with documents that substantiate my claim an underpayment, not overpayment had occurred. And you thought my last issue was media worthy...lol

Terry Says

Wow, you’ve gotten into the middle of something very important – to someone else!!   This is a disgusting error on the part of Social Security. First thing – if that person’s name and address are on the forms you were sent, IMMEDIATELY forward them to the correct address.  Send it by registered mail.  And you might want to keep a copy, along with the reg mail receipt. Then, contact Social Security  and make them aware that you received the documents in error.  You'll have to use  the main number:  1-800-772-1213 I know this is all a hassle, but just think how you'd feel if you were fighting SS and didn't have all the information.      



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