Ask Terry Questions Social Security – Survivor’s Benefit

Social Security – Survivor’s Benefit

By Terry Savage on April 03, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Both my husband and I worked for 35+ years. We are both 62. My husband earned more money than I did. Neither of us have applied for SS benefits. My husband just passed-away (age 62). If I apply for Survivor’s Benefit now (at age 62) may I then apply for my own SS benefit at age 67 which will be at a higher amount or will I now be locked into the Survivor Benefit?

Terry Says

This is a critical question and it must be done very carefully as Social Security has a trick called “The Widows Benefit” which we describe in our book.
I want you to get the exact correct advice. So please go to where you will pay $39 to use the calculator, and they will answer all your questions based on your situation.
A lot depends on what YOUR benefit will be if you wait until age 70to take it –and what HIS benefit to YOU will be if you take your widow’s benefit first — BUT CAREFULY andCLEARLY state that you do NOT want your own benefit!!! (That’s the tr4ap — they ask if you want to apply for all benefits for which you are eligible, and trap you into starting your own at the same time, and just getting the “higher of the two”!

I know that’s confusing. Please, please use that calculator because this is a big bad situation with SS!

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