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social security widow’s last check

By Terry Savage on June 26, 2024 | Wild Card

My husband passed on May4 of this year. His ss always comes in on th 2nd wed of month. His check was in our bank account on a wed and gone on Thursday. I called ss and they said since he passed in May I would be entitled to that last payment which was for April. I filled out paperwork and I have been waiting. Why did the even take back that payment and when can I expect it? I am only 59

Terry Says

Frankly, I’m not sure you’ll ever get that final check.  But that’s really the smallest part of your problem.   You will qualify for your reduced widow’s benefit at age 60, based on what he was getting at the time he died.  In that case, you might want to take your widow’s benefit at age 60 — but NOT YOUR OWN, until age 70, when it might be larger.

OR, on the other hand, it might be smarter (if you can wait) to take your own benefit at age 62 — and then switch later to collecting on HIS record. That assumes you worked, and can qualify on your own record.

This is very confusing and there is only one way to get the correct answer – and it is NOT to ask SS! They not only are frequently wrong in their advice, but they have literally been “scamming” widows out of higher benefits for years.  It’s a chapter in our book — Social Security Horror Stories.

I have a very important suggestion for you right now.  Go to right now, before contacting SS again, and go through the process of getting the best strategy for getting the most benefits over your lifetime.  It costs $49 and it is well worth it!  They will help you through the process of the computerized program.  Please write back and let me know what the results say.

I know you are worried about this one missing check — but the real issue is much larger and you can’t afford to make a claiming mistake.



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