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social securitydeal

By Terry Savage on March 31, 2016 | Financial Planning / Retirement

My wife is 68 collects 1300/month I am 64 I collect 1700/month from social security ,are we able use this social security deal you talked about on WGN. Do you need anymore info from me.
thanks Terry

Terry Says:  It’s a shame you didn’t wait until your Full Retirement Age (66) to start collecting benefits.  Your check will be permanently lower as a result of starting early.  How long have you been getting YOUR check?  If it is less than 12 months, you can do a “do-over” — return the money and postpone taking your own benefits until full retirement age.  It’s going to be hard to get that done quickly, though.  And if it can’t be done, you won’t be eligible for file-and-suspend, which must be elected by April 29th.  And if you were eligible, you’d get half of her benefit from your FRA until age 70 — assuming you can postpone YOUR benefits until age 70.  It sounds like you need the money now, so this isn’t going to work for you.    Do contact Social Security to confirm all of this, because you’ve described a tricky situation.

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