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Son’s inheritance

By Terry Savage on August 18, 2019 | Wild Card

When my mother in law passed away she left my five kids money. After 2 years it was finally all settled, the money came…my question is, my son is an alcoholic, has not worked on 3 years. In my mind I cannot just hand him this check… he sometimes stays with his X… some times in a shelter.. he’s 45 not a child but can I put that into a trust or something , just to protect his money? He owes a ton of money fir medical bills.. in and out for detoxing.. with no insurance.. help not sure what to do…

Terry Says

Legally, it’s his.  As a mom, I completely sympathize.  You could open an account in his name using his Social Security, and put it in a one-year CD — hoping at some point he will get clean, OR that you can use the money at some point to do one last-ditch bailout/rehab.  Sadly, if that doesn’t work, it might be needed for his funeral.  Sorry, but true.  I agree this will be money down the drain if you give it to him now.



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