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spreadsheet through retirement

By Terry Savage on November 04, 2023 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I listened to your recent zoom talk sponsored through the Winnetka public library and found it very helpful. Is there a downloadable .xls spreadsheet that you recommend for tracking one’s finances from now until we both die. I took the livingto100 survey you recommended and I’m expected to live until 102. My husband and I are both 68/72 and still working partime. I created an .xls file myself and the rows are years until we both die and the columns include income (salaries, pension, social security, RMD’s, interest on investments), spending and taxes. Obvious I had to make some guesses as to how interest on investments, spending and taxes change per year. The final graph shows our total assets for the next 35 years. I would like to use a professional spreadsheet if one is available that you recommend. I know there are financial institutions that can do this for me for a fee but I wanted to play around with the numbers first. Thanks, in advance.

Terry Says

I’m going to give you a simple answer. Go to
It is the absolutely best planning tool because it includes potential wage gains, inflation impacts etc. Don’t waste your time trying to create your own — just be willing to work through this. It seems like you are determined, so that’s a great start.
And please write back and tell me what you think!!

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