By Terry Savage on May 07, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

My sister will be 65 in July. She applied for early SS and was approved and they said deposits will start in 5/24. However she received a deposit on April 2nd and her next was will be on May 24th. I’ve never heard if this. She has called and they said this was correct. Can you shed some light on this. It’s crazy.
Thank you

Terry Says

Well, first of all it was nuts to apply for SS early! Couldn’t she have waited and used other retirement money to live on –until she reached her Full Retirement Age — 66+??

If she can do that, she should withdraw her application in writing (use this link for an explanation). she will also have to return any benefits already received.

If she MUST take SS early, it really doesn’t make much difference that they started it a few months early.  They are SO messed up.

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