By Terry Savage on November 20, 2023 | Wild Card

I apply for Social Security spousal benefits. I had to give them all the information they want as soon as I bought a condo here, in Crystal Lake three months later I get a letter stating that they overpay me over $41,000. That put me in a hardship where I couldn’t pay my mortgage, and my car note. I don’t know what to do now because they took my Medicare plan. B.

Terry Says

Wait, how long ago did you start receiving SS on your spouse’s account? Is it your current spouse, or ex-spouse? Were you married 10 years (and not remarried) if you are divorced?

It takes a long time for them to overpay $41,000. I need more details. Please write back to the email you receive saying your question was “answered” and give me more details, and your phone number.



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