By Terry Savage on June 19, 2020 | Wild Card

Hi Terry:
My husband’s been on disability since January 2013, prior to that we filed taxes as a married couple! It took us a while to get the stimulus package; he received his share of $1,200 a few weeks ago. I wonder what happened to my share? I was told to file a non-file as a single because I’ve had no income to file taxes, I help him, he has a bad back, I’ve heard I might not get my share. I don’t understand why? I hope you can help me understand, our budget is tight, n the $1,200 would definitely help.
Thank you,

Terry Says

Oh, this is a tough one. How did he get his payment — a check in the mail, a direct deposit to his SSDI account?
You really DO need to file that non-filers form if YOU are not on the checking account that he received his deposit in.
Try doing it again — filing — here:

And please write back if you do not get your payment by July 15th.



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