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Stimulus check

By Terry Savage on June 18, 2020 | Wild Card

Married file separately with 2 exemptions on w4 My AGI is $36500 and I didn’t get a stimulus check, but my husband did.

Terry Says

So the question here is how much your husband earned. If you are married filing separately, you should receive your own stimulus. Did you claim your two children as dependents on YOUR return? If so, you should receive $500 each, assuming they are 16 or younger.
Have you checked the calculator called “get my payment”? That might give you a hint.
And did you file a paper return, early in March? If so, that could contribute to the delay. Those sat in piles, assuming you didn’t owe taxes, and they are just getting around to dealing with those returns.
And more importantly, did you file separately in 2018?? They might have looked at that return.
And were you declared as a dependent on anyone else’s return in either 2019 or 2019? Did you owe back child support?
Those are the only two reasons you wouldn’t receive your own check.
So think about all those issues,wait another month, and then get back to me.



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