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Stimulus check

By Terry Savage on June 21, 2020 | Wild Card

I had moved from the address where I filed tax for 2018,also my husband had died in Dec 2018, I was not receiving a refund so there was no bank info. An accountant where I was filing this year looked up “IRS site” and said that my refund went to my old address and was issued May 15th 2020. I never received it and I just went to that building and no one saw my check….There are 3
apartments and several tenants in each, Now what do I do, Thank you in advance for any information.

Terry Says

You have me confused! Your title says “stimulus payment.” Is that what’s missing?
Did you receive a separate letter saying that your stimulus was paid? It’s called form #1444.
If you received this letter (Notice 1444) in the mail and didn’t get your payment, you can check the Get My Payment tool on the IRS website to double-check that it has been issued. You can initiate a trace on your payment by calling the IRS at 800-919-9835 (expect long wait times) or submitting Form 3911.
That’s your best opportunity to find out where your stimulus check went. If it was sent back by the post office, then you’ll likely only be able to claim that amount when you file your 2020 return next April.
Now you also mentioned that your accountant looked for your “refund”. Is that what’s missing? If so, it’s the accountant’s responsibility to contact the IRS on your behalf.



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