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Stimulus check and divorce

By Terry Savage on April 01, 2020 | Wild Card

Hi Terry. Kind of have two questions. First, I filed jointly for 2018 with my ex-wife. We got divorced Feb. ’19. She is a teacher aid and didnt make over $20000. I made $93000. In 2019 I only made about $80000, but haven’t filed yet. Am I better off waiting to file ’19?

Also, the account our return was direct deposited into for ’18 has been closed. What do I need to do, if anything to make sure I get the stimulus deposit, since I haven’t files yet this year? Thank you so much

Terry Says

Assuming she already filed for 2019, they will have her tax return and direct deposit, so will likely pay her first, then look for your separate return. You can delay filing, and I don’t know how organized they will be in comparing returns. Since they can’t direct deposit, that will move it to the bottom of theline, I think. I would advise filing your 2019 return and getting your lower check.



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