Ask Terry Questions stimulus check for deceased husband

stimulus check for deceased husband

By Terry Savage on June 19, 2020 | Wild Card

My husband passed away 11/2019 and I had already had 2019 taxes in as he was deceased I received $2400 to our bank account. The following letter had just my name on it not my husbands at all . It was direct deposit so no name on the check. I was going to send 1/2 back but then I heard you on wgn radio saying wait awhile WELL?? What do you suggest now? will there be class action suits to keep them? Will it be added to my income next year? what do I do ??
Thank you for the information

Terry Says

I have no idea, but it’s too late to send the check back. You can always declare it as an overp;ayment when you file taxes next year! In the meantime, we will see what develops.



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