Ask Terry Questions stimulus check for independent son

stimulus check for independent son

By Terry Savage on July 13, 2020 | Wild Card

hi my 22 year old son never received his stimulus check
he has been working for 5 years and paying taxes so hey have his tax info could it be beacuse he’s only 22
i know he still lives at home but i haven’t taken him as a dependent not sure if he’ll ever get it
the irs site always says info unavailable
thanks for any suggestions

long time reader of your column

Terry Says

First, did YOU take him as a dependent on your 2018 return?? Think carefully, because that would be an immediate disqualification. That’s the first place they scanned for SS numbers when the program started in April.
Second, did he file his own tax return in 2018? Has he filed his own tax return for 2019 (must be done this week!).
If you declared him in 2018, but not in 2019 –and if he filed his own tax return in 2019, then NEXT YEAR when he files his 2020 tax return in April 2021, he may be able to claim a credit for the stimulus that he did not receive.

Now, if you didn’t declare him as a dependent AND if he didn’t file in 2018 there is one more possible thing to do. Have him fill out this form immediately:



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