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Stimulus Checks

By Terry Savage on April 19, 2021 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

Hi Terry,
My wife and I file joint Federal and ILL returns. She is retired and I plan on retiring in the next couple years. We built a 2nd/vacation home (that will also serve as our retirement home), and paid for it in part by taking withdrawals from our IRA during 2019, 2020 & 2021. We’re over 59.5 so there were no early withdrawal penalties. Also, despite these withdrawals, our IRA is in good shape and we’re still on plan for my retirement.
Our income would have been under the limit to qualify for all three rounds of Covid stimulus checks , but our IRA withdrawals put us over the total income limit and we didn’t get any of them.
File this one under “it doesn’t hurt to ask”, but is there anything we can do?

Terry Says

Sorry, but no. If you hadn’t had the income in2020, it would have overcome the restrictions from 2019. But since you did that, you don’t get the stimulus. RMDs were not required in 2020 — but it’s too late to return that one in order to qualify. So enjoy your new home –and don’t blame it for costing you a stimulus payment!

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