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Stimulus Checks

By Terry Savage on June 30, 2020 | Wild Card


We listen to your prodcast on WGN during the noon hour most every day. The problem is we have a Florida residence that is our legal address. We have yet to receive the stimulus check but according to the IRS information the check was scheduled to be mailed on 05/20/20. Checking with the post office in Florida I was informed that the check would not be forwarded to our summer address in Wisconsin. They told us the check would be sent back to the IRS and the IRS would send us a letter requesting additional information. I did find a form on the site that requested a change of address. I am hesitant to send this form too the IRS for fear of confusing the address further and perhaps compromising our tax status form Florida. Our tax person indicated that if we never receive the check we can apply this money to our tax return to what we will owe the IRS in 2020.

Terry Says

No don’t do that (file a change of address). That will only screw up your residency in Florida! But within two weeks of sending the stimulus check, the IRS sends out a letter telling you where it went. Was that mail forwarded to you? YOu should have received it by now. And that lets you file form 3911– to report your check missing. There’s even a box you an check if your check was “undeliverable” at that address.
Here is a link to the form (which I hope will work) — or just search out the form at

And if that doesn’t work, your CPA is correct that you can file for a credit next year when you do your 2020 taxes.



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