Ask Terry Questions Stimulus checks for widows

Stimulus checks for widows

By Terry Savage on June 15, 2020 | Wild Card

I am on a group of Lewy Body Dementia widows. We are all having issues getting our stimulus checks as our husbands died in 2019 and their names appeared first on our tax filing. In all cases it says we are eligible for the stimulus but then when we try to enter our information it gives us an error message, that their records don’t match. I have tried calling the hotline but now they are just giving recorded messages. One of the ladies got through and was told there was nothing she could do because her name was second. Is there someone I can reach out to or something I can do to help myself and others in the group. Most of us get survivor benefits so they have our information, but we aren’t getting our checks. Thanks for your expertise. I read and listen all the time.

Terry Says

I have not heard of that issue, but I will check with my contact at the IRS. In fact, many widows have received not only their own stimulus check, but one for their deceased spouse. Some checks have even been made payable to the name of the deceased, with the word “deceased” on the payee line! Of course the IRS has been demanding the return of payments to deceased persons.
It may be that they have suddenly started comparing the stimulus payouts based on tax returns with the SS “survivorship benefits” list. But that’s pretty sophisticated, and they are still rushing to get original payments out to many people.

Also, this is the month that many people who are paid via Social Security direct deposit are just now getting their benefits. It could be as simple as that, so check your direct deposit account where SS benefits are deposited. It may not come at the same time as your regular monthly benefit, but likely in June.

By the way, that website is useless for real information! And don’t try to call any numbers. That is useless, too~

In the meantime, I will ask about this issue — and will post an update if I get m ore information.



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