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Stimulus ck

By Terry Savage on May 29, 2020 | Wild Card

Iam on daug and son in law.claim me as a dependent in 2018 taxes but not on 2019.they have not filed 2019 yet
Should I recieve a stimulus ck after the file 2019 taxes ?iam 77 and been recieving ss for 26 yrs.Thank u if u can help it would b greatly appreciated.

Terry Says

Well, you’re in a tough position — along with many other seniors. Likely they reviewed your daughter’s 2018 return, and cross checked your SS number and will not send you a stimulus check.
IF they file 2019 and do NOT include you as a dependent, you can file your own return for 2020 next April (even if not required to do so based on income) and ask for a credit to any taxes you might owe that year. And if you don’t owe taxes they hopefully will send you the money
!It’s worth a try — but they can’t declare you as a dependent in 2019 –and it will take a while to get the money, if ever.



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