Ask Terry Questions Stimulus payments

Stimulus payments

By Terry Savage on May 29, 2020 | Wild Card

When you said back in April that paper stimulus checks would be mailed in 3 to 4 weeks, was this based on any facts or just pure speculation? Did you take into account that we have an idiot in charge of the Federal Government? Still waiting for our check. No info. available on the IRS site.

Terry Says

My mistake was to take them at their word! Yes, it has taken a long time. In fact, now the4y are sending out payments on debit cards. They come in a plain white envelope — and even the IRS has sent out a message warning people not to think they are trash, or promos, and throw them out!
Yes, it is taking a LONG time. But if you qualify based on income, and on not being a dependent on someone elses’s return and not being behind on child support, then YOUR CHECK IS IN THE MAIL!!



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