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Stimulus stolen by ex

By Terry Savage on June 08, 2021 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

Hello , me n my boyfriend been together for 3months now n his stimulus came in march Which we got on irs site n searched his name said it came in but he was using his Ex’s mailbox and she’s being petty keeping it from him blocked him on everything even changed the phone numbers ,Now she’s saying she direct deposited in to her account which they ain’t married at all … She had a restraining order on him for 3years so shell use that against him with one phone call how do we get it back or if she actually did that bc for one I know that’s fraud especially opening another’s mail

Terry Says

Well, taking someone’s stimulus check is a federal crime. And at the moment, I’m working with the IRS on a plan to go after these tax cheats. You might want to show this to the ex. Stay tuned for an announcement that will give information on how to report this kind of theft to the IRS!



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