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Stock companies to invest with. How do I chose one?

By Terry Savage on November 30, 2019 | Investments

Hi Terri,

I’m 58 yrs old and the only investments I have are through my 401K. I want to invest for retirement. I plan on attempting to retire in the next decade. How do I choose a firm to invest with?

Terry Says

Whew — this is a tough question to answer blindly. Do you know how your 40l(k) plan is invested — which funds? Do you have any savings OUTSIDE your 40l(k) plan? How much of that “extra money” are you willing to lose? If you will write back with those details, I will try to point you in the right direction. You may qualify for a ROTH IRA, a good place for the ultimate investment you choose. So let me know your income level as well, please. What I really want to say is “buy my new book” — because if you read that you will likely have all your questions answered. There is a link on the home page at TerrySavage.com.

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