Ask Terry Questions — For Christmas gift! — For Christmas gift!

By Terry Savage on December 10, 2017 | Investments

My first question was the other day what was the name of the website for people that can invest with no minimums. Well I found out that it's I've called different locations regarding the stockpile gift card most people are dumb phone and have no idea what it is. Is that what we're supposed to do is get a gift card and why did he ask you for your social security number is this a trusted site I'm a victim of identity theft.

Terry Says

Yes, is a very legitimate site.  I suggest you go there to open your account, deposit money, and buy a few shares of stock. Then you can either have them send you, or your recipient, a gift card if there is still time.  Or print out a gift certificate.  Yes, because this is a brokerage account (although an inexpensive one!) you must give your SS number (or that of the gift recipient) to open an account.   They are supposed to have some gift cards in Target stores and others, but they are tough to find.  So go online to their website to get the process started. There's a video that explains, and it's really easier than you think!



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