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Stocks and Your Forecast

By Terry Savage on December 13, 2023 | Wild Card

Should we take money out of the market because eventually it will dip or keep investing on a monthly basis?
I was on the radio with you this summer on wgn John Williams show. You were doom and gloom- some valid pounts- high interest rates, college loans, credit card debt, national debt does worry me. You predicted again a recession. Be cautious regarding investing in the market. I came back and said – unemployment continues to be at a record low, earnings continue to beat wall street predictions, consumers continue to travel at record numbers. US economy is resilient. Cyber Monday broke a record, November one of the best months for the market. I still believe in cost averaging and keep investing.
Trump continues to state how bad the us economy is- he has been wrong for three years. Jim

Terry Says

Ha, well you have been a winner for sure. AS I answer this question, the stock market is at all-time highs! Will that continue? No one knows for sure. I am always “cautious” about investing in the market, especially when a person has a short time horizon. But go back and check the tapes: I never give buy/sell timing advice! I ALWAYS suggest you look at your entire picture of investments and consider the risks.

I was definitely wrong about an oncoming recession, though. The Fed has done an amazing job of pulling the economy through this period of adjustment, while lowering inflation. But the final bell hasn’t rung!!



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