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student debt

By Terry Savage on April 19, 2016 |

I am a grandmother attempting to help out with my grandson’s student debt. He owes $20,096.72 @6.8% in 3 different loans. He pays monthly based on his low income. When I give him extra money towards the loan, I expect it to go to principal only but he tells me that the government won’t let him and they take off the interest. How do I make sure what I give him can all go to principal only? 2027 is when they are due to be paid in full at this rate!

Terry Says:  It would help if you could give me the name of the loan servicer and whether this is a Federal student loan or a private student loan.  Frankly, I never heard of a loan where you cannot prepay principal — assuming you pay the current amount due, including interest for that month.   If you post the info, I won’t make it public, but I can do some research for you.  Did you hear this from all three loan servicers, and are all of the loans the same type of loan?  More details please, and I will be happy to look into this.  I learn a lot from my readers’ questions!

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