Ask Terry Questions Student Loan Debt Column Response

Student Loan Debt Column Response

By Terry Savage on July 16, 2019 |

Terry, I enjoyed reading your article in the Chicago Tribune today regarding a common sense approach to reducing the student loan debt. I am a Democrat, but feel that just eliminating student debt to all is not fair for the reasons you stated. The one major issue that seems to be missing from this conversation is why the cost of higher education is so expensive. We as a nation as come accept astronomical tuition as the norm. Most colleges and universities from my experience with friends that are professors is not teaching but bringing in research money. To me they are just big businesses doing research in the name of higher education.

Terry Says

I received so many comments and emails on this column, that I will post a few here under the “Wild Card” tab in my blog.  As to your comments, I think you’ve summed up the issue nicely!  Now, if only we could get Congress to agree on something sensible!

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