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Student loan repayment

By Terry Savage on March 26, 2024 |

Do you know if their is any relief available on parents plus loans? My wife helped our daughter out years ago, we are still paying alot. She works as a parapro for our local public school system if that helps. Also, do you recommend going thru organizations like AARP for financial advice, like questions like this, wills, etc? Thsnk you for your help? I do listen to you on WGN

Terry Says

Yes, there absolutely IS help for ParentPlus loans, depending on the income of the parent who signed for the loan. For expert help, I recommend you contact Rae Kaplan at
She can handle that for you. Or you could try the do-it-yourself route. Use this link to and an article that explains some important caveats. Which is why I recommend Rae — too easy to make your own mistakes!! And too much at stake!

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