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T-Bill ETF

By Terry Savage on February 28, 2024 | Chicken Money

Married, both 72, no other dependents. Fully retired, $4M in Fidelity platform Tax deferred investments. $2M in other assets.
Ready to start locking the $4M down to avoid potential loss, down-stream. Don’t really need any substantial growth. Looking at T-Bill ETF ‘BIL’ in order to GUARANTEE the underlying value long-term. My understanding is that these are fully guaranteed by Federal Gov. Am I correct? Does that sound like a smart move to you?

Terry Says

It would be better to buy your T-bills in your own account directly from the Treasury.
Read this for instructions:

And if you’ve created a Revocable Living Trust, be sure to name the TreasuryDirect account in the name of your RLT.



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