Ask Terry Questions T-Bill for Estate and Trust…

T-Bill for Estate and Trust…

By Terry Savage on August 18, 2023 | Chicken Money

Hi, Terry. Can I purchase a 90-day T-Bill for an estate ($170K) and trust($40K) of a deceased person? The rates seem to be better then a CD for such a short term. I am a co-trustee and co-executor of the trust and estate.
Thank you for your help. Going through my aunt’s items there was an article of yours from the mid 1990’s. Nice to know she also turned to you for guidance.

Terry Says

That made me smile! Yes, scroll down on the account opening page at and there is a place for either trust accounts or estate accounts. This might not be worth it if you intend to distribute assets in the near future — before you have to keep the estate open and file a tax return for another year — UNLESS, there is a lot of money sitting there.

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