Ask Terry Questions T-Bill Maturity and renewals

T-Bill Maturity and renewals

By Terry Savage on July 07, 2024 | Chicken Money

I have 2 Treasury Bill accounts. 1 for $60,000 and another for $40,000.
As of this writing both will reach their 3rd maturity reinvestment’s.
The 60k will come to term on 8-15-24 and the 40k will come to term 10-3-24.
It is my understanding that after 3 times they can not be renewed.

I would like to take these 2 amounts and reinvest again in T-Bills. What must I do to reinvest this 100k back into T-Bills. Is it as simple to just wait for the 60k and 40k are deposited back into my checking accounts and open up 2 new accounts as I did in the first round.
Thank you
Chicken Money Ed

Terry Says

You’ve made a WRONG assumption!!  Go back into your TreasuryDirect account and click on the tab that says “manage investments.”  Then click on each T-bill, and scroll down to the renewals box.  There will be only one renewal left, or perhaps zero.  Just insert the number 3 in that box, and it will keep renewing the next 3 times.

You can only renew for 3 times AT ONE TIME– but you can easily extend renewals along the way!



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