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T-Bill OR I-Bond

By Terry Savage on March 23, 2023 | Chicken Money

Hi Terry,
I have a $10,000 CD maturing next week.
I want to take the money and buy either a $10,000 I-Bond or $10,000 in T-bills.
Which do you recommend?
This is money available over and above our emergency funds.
Thanks to your help and advice, last May my wife and I each bought $10,000 I-bonds.
Last November, we each bought $20,000 in T-Bills.
We are both 74 years old, and have have no debts at all.
Own our house outright.

Terry Says

I’d stick with the Treasury bills, since they offer more frequent liquidity. You have to stick with those I-bonds for 5 years to avoid a penalty.

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