By Terry Savage on August 05, 2023 | Chicken Money

We tried to fill out the info to setup bank withdrawal for t-bills, but when we get to put in the names on the account, we cannot enter 2 names even though it specifies ( name’s ) on the form. Both our names are on the account. The government responded to my text, but it was a lot of useless info. All they needed to do was just answer the question. I am trying to get guidance to set up the account properly in case something happens to one of us.

Terry Says

You set up the account to make one the owner, and the other the co-owner. But if you have a good estate plan, you probably have a revocable living trust, and that should be the owner. If both of you are trustees, it can solve the problem of “joint name.”
If you still have a problem, write back to the email you receive notifying you of this answer, give me your phone number and full name — and I will pass it on to my contact at Treasury.



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