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By Terry Savage on November 04, 2023 | Chicken Money


I am late to the T Bill game and want to get in. I opened an account but when I try to purchase I don’t see the option to buy T-bills. I see “I series” or something like that. Is that what I purchase?

If not on the treasure web page (https://treasurydirect.gov/) where do I purchase T bills?

Also my understanding is the first year you can purchase up to$10,000.00. But I would like to purchase $1,000.00 every month and I will not reach $10,000.00 by the end of the year. So does that mean I can still purchase up to $10,000.00 in the 2024 year? After I reach the $10,000.00 the following year I can only purchase up to $5,000.00 per year (2025) correct?

Thank you

Terry Says

Wait, you’ve got it all wrong!
T-bills are not I-bonds. They are two totally separate securities.
But you can buy either of them at TreasuryDirect.gov, where it seems you already have established an account.
You can only buy $10,000 of I-bonds in one year.
You can buy an unlimited amount of T-bills at any time.

Go into your account, and click on “buy” and then look at the list of securities. Scroll down until you see 26-week Treasury Bills, and then click on the next upcoming date.
You don’t know the exact interest rate before you buy, but it should be much like the current rate which you can search on CNBC.com under Markets/bonds.

And read this: https://www.terrysavage.com/t-bills-beat-cds/

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