By Terry Savage on February 24, 2024 | Chicken Money

Hi Terry,
If we bought a 52 week T-Bill at 4.80% from the Treasury direct with $100,000, would our profit be $4,800?

We bought T-Bills from our stock broker. Every time we wanted a 4 week T-Bill, the broker said the best the broker could do would be one that matured in 6 weeks or 7 weeks. We are wondering if we would get more profit if we bought the 4 week T-Bill directly from the Treasury?

Thank you for helping with our questions.

Terry Says

You should ALWAYS buy your Treasury bills through your OWN account at TreasuryDirect.gov
Read this: https://www.terrysavage.com/t-bills-beat-cds-2/

Do you think the broker did that as a favor?? Of course he/she made some money!! Either out of the interest you earned, or fees on your account, or assets under management.



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