Ask Terry Questions T-bills in Revocable Living Trust

T-bills in Revocable Living Trust

By Terry Savage on March 06, 2024 | Chicken Money

What are the pros and cons of setting up t-bills in the name of a revocable living trust? I have a revocable living trust, but having been buying 13 and 26 week t-bills without putting in the trust. 😳

Terry Says

You need to open a separate bank account for your RLT and a new separate TreasuryDirect account using your same SS number for the RLT account in TD.

There’s no point in having a RLT if you don’t USE it! As the current bills mature, move hte money into your new trust bank account and buy T-bills out of that account!

Other wise at death — or if you had a stroke — it will be very complex for your family.



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