Ask Terry Questions Taking RMD from one IRA, and not another?

Taking RMD from one IRA, and not another?

By Terry Savage on January 28, 2016 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I have two IRA annuities. I would like to take ALL of the RMD total requirement from one of the annuities since it pays 3% while the other annuity guarantees 7%. The company that has my 3% IRA will only let me take the maximum of the RMD calculated on THEIR RMD and not on the total of both my RMD’s. This sound right?
Can I tell them about the second IRA and demand all come from their IRA? Thank you.

Terry Says:  I couldn’t imagine why you can’t take “extra” from your 3% annuity.  But I ran it by my annuity expert ( and here is what he said:

“Let’s assume that both annuities are beyond surrender charges for this discussion, and that all of the money in both annuities is IRA money. 

Assuming that the 3% plan is liquid, they can add up ALL of the RMDs for all IRAs, and simply take a withdrawal of that larger amount from the cash value in the 3% annuity.

Of course, if there are surrender charges, and the withdrawal exceeds that free amount, there could be charges.  Also, if the 3% plan has a “living benefit”, and the withdrawal exceeds the rider payout percentage, there is the potential that the Income Base could be reduced.

But, If it’s just a 3% fixed annuity, and it is liquid, then they should be able to use that for all of the RMDs.”

So, let me suggest that you contact the company that has your 3% IRA annuity, and tell them the entire amount (enough to cover BOTH RMDs) that you want to withdraw and ask if that either triggers some kind of penalty or charge, or if it eats into your “income base.”  If that is not the case, just take the withdrawal. Then when the other annuity company sends you a reminder to make a MRD, you can tell them you have taken your required amount from a different IRA.  That should handle it.




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