Ask Terry Questions Tax-deferred annuity conversion.

Tax-deferred annuity conversion.

By Terry Savage on January 19, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Terry, thanks for your response on my previous question RMDs and a tax-deferred annuity. In the response, you mentioned to avoid tax-deferred annuities at my age, 72.
Question: I do have one tax-deferred annuity for approximately $200,000 that was converted from a CD 3-4 years ago. Fidelity suggested the conversion. Would it be a good idea to convert that annuity back to a CD when it matures?

Terry Says

Fidelity doesn’t give that kind of advice. I think you have fallen into the hands of an advisor who uses the Fidelity platform to transact. Do you have any idea what you’re paying this advisor?
I can’t give advice since I have no idea of your entire financial situation, and specifically whether this annuity is inside an IRA, and what type of annuity it is — what the promise is, what the penalties are, what distribution options you have!

If you want specific advice on an annuity, I suggest you go to and book an appointment with Stan Haithcock to review your options.
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