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Tax deferred annuity

By Terry Savage on March 03, 2014 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I am 67 years old and probably should start to take money out of my teachers annuity. I always thought I would get a tax break when I was in retirement but that is apparently not the case. I need advice- how/where to put some of this $ w/o a huge increase in my taxes or tax base . My husband is also a retired teacher but has no an unity.
We have several larger CD’ that are up for renewal but obviously are not getting big returns. Any suggestions?

Terry Says:  You need some help with an overall financial plan.  I’m not sure of the terms of your teacher’s annuity, whether it is something that can keep growing tax-deferred after you retire?  And I’m assuming you don’t get Social Security, which you would also want to defer as long as possible to maximize your family benefit.  So you can write back with some details of the annuity options.  But the best thing would be to talk with a Certified Financial Planner who can guide you through the entire process of planning for your retirement income.  As another choice, contact T. Rowe Price at 800-638-5660 and ask about their Retirement Income Modeling service, using Monte Carlo modeling.  There is no charge if you will move some assets there, and they will connect you with one of their individual financial planners who will work with you —

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