Ask Terry Questions Tax filing tips during WGN Morning

Tax filing tips during WGN Morning

By Terry Savage on March 06, 2024 | Wild Card

Wait a minute, you reported that only 1/3 of us have filed, we may be procrastinating.

But that’s not the only cause.
How about those slackers of tax software companies like H&R Block and TurboTax, who cannot supply the required Forms by now. !!! Totally disgusting, I’ve been waiting for 4 software upgrades cycles over 2 months from H&R Block to try to get their 2210 form. They keep delaying the form release, and I cannot file electronically until that format is finalized for release.
So they are the real roadblock.
Please note i find that both these companies are really for the most simple filing situations. Their support people cannot even indicate why certain forms are delayed. And the 2210 form should not be that different from prior years, to force a software programmer delay.
As always, Thanks for your great advice shared on CH9,

Terry Says

Wow, that’s interesting. Time to switch to a CPA, since it sounds like you have a more sophisticated situation. I love my CPA– and thank him in every book for his advice and guidance. It’s more than just “doing taxes” — it’s really about planning too!



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