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Tax Payment to the IRS by paper check via USPS

By Terry Savage on July 09, 2020 | Economy & Taxes

I have an offer in compromise that I have been paying regularly. My last 3 checks have not been cashed. Have you heard that the IRS is not opening mail? Cannot reach anyone at the IRS. In addition, cannot figure out how to set up electronic payments for offers in compromise . Missing a payment is reason for default and I would then owe the entire tax liability. Maybe you can advise how to get to a live person .

Terry Says

It’s almost impossible to get a REAL person at the IRS. BUT, you should have been sending those checks “certified, return receipt requested.” Odds are they received them, and they are sitting unopened — because they went to a special division if you used a code on the envelope, directing them to that department that processes special payments. So I wouldn’t worry too much. But from now on, go to the post office and use the certified, return receipt label. And in your next payment, note that you have been sending the checks regularly and have seen the checks clear yet.



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