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Tax Refund Web Site (

By Terry Savage on March 15, 2024 | Taxes & Economy

My Accountant Filed my “2023 Fed Taxes” electronically 5 weeks ago.. For the past week I have been checking the Web Site like I have in the past, for refund information. It always says “The information you entered doesn’t match our records”.. IT IS THE CORRECT INFO. WHY does it say that?? What to do?? Accountant said they are backed up, BUT why “Not Match our Records” ???

Terry Says

First place to check is Where’s My Refund at I highlighted the direct link.

I’m guessing your accountant must have transposed a SS number of something like that. If you don’t find the info at the “refund” spot, then you should immediately ask your Accountant to do a follow up. If he/she cant/won’t help you then file form 911 for taxpayer assistance.
And remind your accountant that you can report him to the IRS if you don’t get help re this error!



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