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Tax refund

By Terry Savage on July 19, 2015 | Taxes & Economy

my cpa sent my tax return in feb. and I received a letter saying they are reviewing the return..Every time I check on line I get they are still working on the return.How can I find out whats going on?

Terry Says:  Your CPA should be the one to contact the IRS, ask what issues are holding up any refund that you might be expecting.   You might have to give him/her a power of attorney.  And this should be part of the service the CPA performs for you as part of preparing your return.  I assume you are sing the IRS’ Where My Refund tool.  Since the IRS says 90% of refunds are paid within 10 days (except in cases of identity theft, for which you would have already been notified), it is legitimate for you to be concerned.  Press your CPA to get involved.



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