Ask Terry Questions Teachers and Social Security

Teachers and Social Security

By Terry Savage on January 31, 2024 | Wild Card

I taught for 36 years, and I have my 40 for SS. I know I’ve been penalized, I get some, but not my full amount. You mentioned on channel 9 news that it is being looked at. If rectified, how would it affect us retired teachers?
Thank you for your time.

Terry Says

There is a bill winding its way through Congress to eliminate the WEP. But nothing is getting done about anything in Congress!

However, if you have your 40 quarters of contributions to SS, you would be entitled to full benefits. I suggest you go to and get the correct answer about the benefit you should be receiving. The $39 cost will be well worth it if you find you should have a larger benefit for the rest ofyour life!



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