Ask Terry Questions Time-share exit ripoff

Time-share exit ripoff

By Terry Savage on November 01, 2023 | Wild Card

Dear Terry, I thoroughly enjoy your advice. I hear you on WGN as often as I can. I along with several seniors have a time-share that I can’t use. I signed with a company several years ago.
I gave them thousands that I lost and they didn’t cancel my contract with the company.
Could you please direct me to someone to help. Thank you in advance,,

Terry Says

Oh no! that’s such a ripoff — and I’m printing your post to help warn others about this scam. NEVER, EVER give money upfront to do a deal that promises to help you get money back — whether from a timeshare, or paying off your credit card balances, or winning a lottery!

Now you have to report this fraud.
1. File a complaint at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Use this link:

2. Contact your state attorney general’s office to file a complaint. If you’re an Illinois resident, use this link:

3. Contact the FBI to report this. Call 1-800-CALL-FBI.

4. Did you hear about this from a radio or TV commercial, or an ad in a newspaper. Immediately contact the station or newspaper and report this fraud to them. Tell them you’re contacting all of the above, and warn them not to run these ads anymore.

In each case, be prepared to give specific information, contact names and websites, the amount of money you paid, how you paid (by check, credit card, wire transfer, etc).

These scum count on the fact that seniors will be too embarrassed to say anything to anyone. You simply MUST fight back. I don’t think it will get your money back — but there may be a class action lawsuit out there that can recover your money.

PS If you’ll write back to me when you receive the email saying your question was answered, and give me the name of this company, I’ll update this answer and post their name to warn others!



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