Ask Terry Questions Trading in my Thrift Savings Plan

Trading in my Thrift Savings Plan

By Terry Savage on May 19, 2018 | Investments

The best place to transfer TSP(Thrift Savings Plan). I am limited to three interfund transfers a month that I sometimes missed the movement of the market.

Terry Says

But the whole idea of the Thrift Savings Plan is not to speculate on market moves! It's to build a long-term investment portfolio.  You have to be right three times if you're trading:  when to get in -- when to get out-- and when to get back in again! That almost guarantees you'll be a loser in the long run! Create a well balanced portfolio in your TSP -- or just stick with the S&P 500 stock index that represents the whole market. Keep adding money regularly -- especially when the stock market is falling.  You'llcome out ahead in the long run.  There has never been a 20 year period where you would have lost money in a diversified portfolio (like the S&P 500) with dividends reinvested, even adjusted for inflation. Find some other money to speculate with if you must.  At least you can deduct your losses against ordinary income if you lose money outside your retirement plan!

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