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Treasury Bill

By Terry Savage on May 15, 2023 | Chicken Money

Hi Terry, back in October 2022 when you were suggesting buying treasury bills I took an amount I could afford ($1,000) and went on the website and purchased what i think you were suggesting. When I go online and look at my account i’m confused on how to see what it is worth or review it. Under History-Security I have a IAAAA 26-week bill. I just received a notice that it was reinvested. Does that automatically happen. How do I know how much interest i gained and when should I take it out?

On another note I wanted your opinion on buying “pot dispensary stock”. I thought it was going to be profitable but it has really not done well. I purchased “green thumb” and “cresco labs” in April of 2019. Do you think these stocks will have a better future?

Terry Says

You chose automatic renewal at the time your purchased your T-bills. Good idea! Check that bank account you linked to your TreasuryDirect account. You’ll find a small but nice deposit about the date of reinvestment. That’s your interest!

Re the pot stocks, I don’t follow them. I hope your money isn’t up in smoke!!

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