Ask Terry Questions Treasury bill or treasury money funds

Treasury bill or treasury money funds

By Terry Savage on July 19, 2019 | Chicken Money

What would be your picks for the above if you were already retired age 77,but wish to hold onto as much as possible if market declines?

Terry Says

Well, you’ll probably earn a bit more these days buying Treasury bills directly from the government.  Read this column to see how to buy them.   The only drawback is that they come in only 3 and 6 month maturities.  And you must hold them to maturity.  So if you think you might need some cash, put some in a Money Market fund that buys only Treasury securiries, or a money market deposit account at a bank.  You can access that money at any time by writing a check.  And watch for a column coming next week that helps you find the highest rates on insured savings accounts and automatically moves your money!

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